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Established in 1982, Or Wide Format Digital Printing offers a wide variety of photocopying and scanning services throughout Israel.

In its original format, blueprint was a method used to duplicate documents and drawings via light. To this day, it is a reliable method for large format plan duplication, at an almost limitless length (dozens of meters).

The Or chain specializes in the copying and printing of building plans for architects, building planners, private houses, apartments, municipal planning, infrastructure and roads. Our clients include government offices, municipalities and virtually everyone involved in building and construction in Israel (click here to view our client list).

Our work is executed at the highest quality, using advanced equipment while committing to an extremely tight schedule. If needed, you can also contact us and coordinate off-hour service in advance, so that you will be able to provide your clients with the best service possible.

Our staff includes expert professionals, who are all experienced in blueprint production. The blueprint can be produced from a digital file sent to Or through the PLOT DIRECT™ program, or via an existing drawing.

From the moment we begin our assignment, our staff will execute it to your full satisfaction. The materials will be sent to you with one of our messengers, who are standing by at each and every one of our branches.